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Februar 2, 2020 4 Kommentare

This day will linger on and on,
will languish and „live“ forever as
a day of decadence…
a day of decay and dismay…
a day of lies and lunacy,
now officially “legalized”
and “legitimized!”
This is a day of trauma…
a day of travesty… a day of tragedy…
a day of treachery… a day of shame…
a day of degradation and destruction…
the day of the death of democracy!

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A Cause for Cleanliness

Oktober 13, 2018 2 Kommentare

It is high time to cleanse and clean
all cultures and countries
of cruelty, contempt, and callousness,
wherever cleansing and cleaning
is desperately needed!
Chauvinism is a virulent, violent,
malignant global malaise!
If truth and justice is to thrive…
If goodness is safely and securely to grow…
If profound gratitude is to be guaranteed…
If there are plentiful fruits of the labors of love
to be harvested and reaped for the benefit of all,
as are absolutely and abundantly needed,
then wanton wickedness…
real social treachery, fraud, deception
and totalitarian evil
need to be uprooted and eradicated…
just as a prosperous and prolific garden
needs to be carefully cultivated
and regularly weeded!

Gerhard A. Fürst

Gerhard A. Fürst

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The Power and Timelessness of Truth!

Januar 26, 2017 1 Kommentar
Truth cannot be denied.
Truth cannot be defiled or defied.
Truth cannot be defaced. …
Truth cannot be renounced.
Truth cannot be replaced.
Truth demands to be sheltered, shielded, and protected.
Truth must be defended, and preserved.
Truth must be loudly proclaimed, lauded, praised.
Truth must perpetually be repeated!
The full measure of truth can never be erased or deleted.
Thus, truth can never be defeated.
There is no „alternative“ for truth.
Stand up for truth!
Oppose the lunacy of lies!
Those who fight for truth cannot be shamed.
Those who speak the total truth
cannot be disgraced, humiliated, or defamed.
Only those who are willing
wantonly and wickedly to wallow in lies,
will continue to be conned
by callous, contemptuous liars,
by the cunning, the classless,
the morally clueless.
They will always be subdued,
waylaid, misled, confounded, confused,
profitably schemed, scammed and gamed
by plundering, pilfering, profiteering, privateering plutocrats.
Do not trample or trash the truth!
Truth cannot be defeated or defied!
Truth is more powerful, more permanent, more enduring,
and in due course
it will vanquish and overcome
any and all who have lied!
The truth will always be revealed!
Truth is invincible!
Gerhard A. Fürst
Gerhard A Fürst
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