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Ah, yes, life, loving, and living

August 18, 2019 1 Kommentar

is a perplexing and vexing mixture
of getting and giving,
of dutiful doing and daring,
of adventurous exploring,
of stumbling and falling,
of making mistakes,
of rising again,
of chances given to right wrongs,
of being taught and of teaching,
of endlessly, continuously
life’s lessons learning.
Life is precious,
but it is not all rosy.
Therefore, hold it in your hands
very carefully,
because it also contains
some thorns!

Tree of life
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Thoughts of Love

April 3, 2018 2 Kommentare

which I penned in the intermission
of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s
Cosi fan Tutte,
between Acts I & II:
during the Metropolitan Operas HD-live broadcast
on 3/31/2018

Ah, a very timely and timeless theme,
well-prepared, well-rehearsed, well engaged, well crafted,
technically well done & very cleverly staged…
the tricky action flawlessly well-acted,
and all parts perfectly well-sung… 🙂
by all soloists and the entire cast…

a theme which is universal…
and which will always and easily lend itself
to a time-befitting, recent modification
or a contemporary, totally modern adaptation… 🙂

is a complex, confounding, confusing, and compounding mix
of magic, mystery, mastery, wildness,
wonder, amazement, and mania,
at times even bordering
on the edge of madness…
more often than not, however,
resolving itself into self-surprising
self-reassuring, self-satisfying
happiness and gladness…
healing self-inflicted wounds
due to paramount self-seeking… Weiterlesen …

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The absolutely awesome, most splendid Power of Love

The absolutely awesome,
most splendid
Power of Love.

The totality of love,
the completeness of love,
the wholesomeness of love…
Love is gentle, kind, and caring,
love is not demanding,
love is not overwhelming,
love is receiving,
love is sharing.
Love is living, love is life.
Love in plenty, in need,
in suffering, in strife.
The unselfishness of love;
is its simplicity,
the love of giving and getting.
The expression of love
is found in a Weiterlesen …

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