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„Lösch Dich!“ – Gut gemacht? Oder auch nur wieder die halbe Wahrheit?

Die Themen Fake News und Hate Speach geht gerade hoch her. Die Gesinnungspolizei wurde schon hochgerüstet werden, um dem Hass im Netz entgegenzuwirken (siehe hier Facebook). Da macht es sicher Sinn, mal zu analysieren, wo den die Hasskommentare herkommen und ob hier kräftig organisiert wird. Hier hat es einer versucht:

Nur: Kann es denn wirklich sein, dass hier nur die extrem rechte Seite unterwegs ist? Ich hatte sehr häufig den Eindruck, dass in meinen systemkritischen Beiträgen, die ich nicht wirklich einer reichten Seite zugeschrieben hätte, deutlich trollige, systemverteidigende Kommentare erhielt. Als schaute ich mal, ob andere den obigen Beitrag auch in die Kritik stellen. Und ja, da hat sich Jemand so richtig Mühe gemacht, und entlarvt den GEZahlten Filmer. Also auch den ab ins Regal: Weiterlesen …

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Fake News: The Decline, the Descend into the Depth of Darkness?

Dezember 6, 2016 2 Kommentare

The Decline, the Descend
into the Depth of Darkness?

Ah, yes, news which once really was news,
is not really news anymore, based on
facts easily proven, substantiated, and verified.
Instead, what masquerades as „news“ has become
a wild assortment of fudged fictitiousness
fabricated by fiends and fanatics for fools,
who like to be fondled and fooled,
and who like to be fed this fattening fodder
as daily doses of fundamentalist foolishness,
because they do not, or cannot really
read critically or think independently.
They are incapable to distinguish
between fact and fiction,
and for all this fabricated fudge
they have developed a fanatical, zealous addiction.
They have never really learned to think
rationally or reasonably, because
they were either too lazy,
too disinterested, too dumb, too ignorant,
or too defiant to be properly schooled.
So, they can easily be manipulated,
molded, and manhandled
by maniacs, by madmen,
by muggers and sluggers,
by the totally malevolent!
So, they fall for everything which
to their low level or „reasoning,“
to their real lack of actual intelligence,
to their bigotry and prejudice does appeal…
manifest daily by their unprincipled practices…
even if all their alleged „news“
is blatantly, callously contrived,
irrational, unreasonable, and easily proven
to be totally untrue.
They are not really enlightened.
They appear to be frightened
by the light of day…
They want to wally
in the muck and depth
of total darkness!
They do not really want to see
what needs to be seen…
They do not really want to hear
what needs to be said…
They do not really want to read
what must be reported and read…
They do not really want to do
what must be done…
They do not really like to think
what must be thought…
They do not like the truth
which must be told…
Instead they greedily swallow
all the baits of belligerence and hatred
which are tossed at them…
hooks, LIES, and sinkers.
On fiendishness and foolishness
they totally depend!
Fundamentalists fools and fanatics
are not really known to be
critical readers, and critical thinkers…

For what once had the appearance
of reasonably civilized and cultured life,
of an approximation to sense and sanity,
of a near resemblance to real humane humanity…
are we now once again
at the edge of the abyss?

Is this now the actual beginning,
of the ultimate end?

Gerhard A. Fuerst
December 4, 2016


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