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*Von Der Liebe*

August 25, 2018 9 Kommentare

Bild: MiA – spitz-blättrige Mahonie

Liebe hatte
zwei große Füße:
„Mit-Gefühl“ und „Be-Hut-Samkeit“
und war jeder-Zeit
zum Helfen bereit.

Liebe hatte
auch zwei starke Hände:
„Mit-Leid“ und „Wende!“
das Leid zum Guten
das andere
Dir manchmal

Liebe hatte
große gut-gläubige Augen
die zur Lüge nicht taugen. Weiterlesen …

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Lebens – Liebes – Wert

August 10, 2018 8 Kommentare

Von MiA

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Nachtrag zum Vortrag – Stichwort „Falschwahl“ …

Juli 9, 2018 3 Kommentare

Hat denn der „Wähler“
wirklich eine „Wahl“…
oder wird er nur durch parteipolitische,
ideologische Ringe in der Nase
hin- und hergezerrt und gezogen?
Was wird hier nicht alles bewußt
entstellt, entartet, verbeult und verbogen?
Kann denn der „Wähler“
nur in „Gebotenem“ wahllos wühlen…
um sich das angeblich „Gute“
vom vermeintlich „Schlechten“
sehr eigennützig selektiv auszusuchen…?
und um erst hinterher…
vollkommen verspätet…
em0tional erschöpft, geistig entmutigt,
seinen Fehler zu erkennen…
und das Erlebte als erneute Falschwahl
zu bezeichnen und zu benennen…
und dann nur als
„abermalig Mist gemacht“
zu verbuchen?

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Wenn einer meint, ohne Licht-Feuer auszukommen …

Bild: Ein Geschenk von MiA

Von MiA


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With the dawn of each new day …

Juli 7, 2018 6 Kommentare

Das folgende Poem ist Michael gewidmet:

With the dawn of each new day,
when the sun’s radiant rays fill the sky,
when night’s curtains are drawn tight,
when our spirits once again soar high,
when life is reawakened by brilliant light,
when new challenges await
for good deeds to be done,
let us willingly begin anew.
We live on a planet
where not every space is fresh, and bountiful,
not all lands are covered by green meadows,
fertile fields, or lush forests.
In many places the sun’s rays
fall on rugged, rocky, dry and barren ground.
Everywhere life exists or barely subsists.
We have to make the best
with what we were given,
with whatever we have found.
Let us be positive and purposeful.
Therefore, let us be,
each and every day, safe and sound
We know exactly what to do
to make life safe, secure,
and really worth living
by caring, by sharing, by giving.
Then we’ll have no regrets
when the day draws to an end,
when light begins to fade,
when the sun once again
begins to descend.
We have no regrets,
we have nothing to defend
when the day welcomes back the night,
and sun light takes a well-deserving rest.
We can reflect, we can assess,
we can reevaluate, if indeed
we have done our best.
Let us, for that reason alone,
live life in peace!
Let us live life to please!
Let us be grateful to be alive!
Let us do what needs to be done,
so we can all progress, grow, and thrive!
Let us be profoundly thankful
to be so wondrously, prolifically, plentifully,
and divinely blessed!

Gerhard A. Fürst

Image from a FB posting

Auf Deutsch via Google Translator:

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Declaration of Dependence, Depravity, and Degradation

Juli 6, 2018 6 Kommentare
Here are  words to make you think…
Words not to confound and confuse…
Words written to provoke,
to arouse and enrage
to agitate and annoy…
Words of wanton wickedness…
Words of inhumanity and immorality…
Words for the moment when unjustly coerced
you can rightfully stand to resist and refuse…
Words to cause profound concern…
Words to read and reasonably to reflect upon…
Words to dissect, top sort, select, and discern…
Words to challenge, to confront, and engage…
Words to deny, to denounce, to condemn, to defy…
Words to resist, to resent, to reject…
Words no right-minded,  right-thinking,
honest and honorable, sane. sober, or sensible,
really humane person would wish
to subscribe to and to make their own…
to accept, to keep, to protect, or defend…
Words with which to confront
the arrogant and ignorant with their rodent rants…
Words of implied purposeful protest
to be able to resist those with a crass creed of crudeness,
of moral corruption, callousness, and cunning…
Words of contentiousness and contempt…
Words as valid verbal weapons of war
in the daily battles and struggles
against dictators, demagogues, and tyrants…
Whenever confronted and coerced by commands
based on deception, deviousness, dishonesty and dishonor
based on felonious, totalitarian fraud, and absolute inhumanity,
there is no compelling, justified force to comply…
Instead, you are within your legitimate human rights,
in fact, it is a profound inner drive and moral demand,
to reason, to reflect, to think for yourself,
and whenever needed and necessary
to stand, to resist, and passionately to defy!
Use the means provided by constitutional law…
Resist with passionately peaceful means…
Resist without violence….
However, do not just stand still…
to absorb the callous kicks,
the bullying, belligerent blows…
to take it without commentary…
and in utter resignation…
directly on the jaw.
Stand for humanity.
Stand for decency.
Stand for morality.
Stand for equality.
Stand for justice.
Stand for equity.
Stand to resist.
Stand to deny.
Stand to defy.
Stand with courage!
Stand without fear!
Stand and deliver!

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Be aware!

Juli 1, 2018 1 Kommentar

This once again is a high and hot season
of low-life senility and sickening sordidness,
of devious trickery and deliberate treason…
Truth is being trampled and trashed…
Sense and sanity have already been sacrificed…
It’s extremism v. extremism
in the ultimate totalitarian extreme…
It is the alleged licentious lunacy of “leftist lechery”…
v. the stinking rodent rot of “rightist treachery”…
These are deadly dangerous, divisive times
of blood-sucking poly-TICKS!

Gerhard. A. Fürst

Amerika weint

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