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Ah, yes, life, loving, and living

is a perplexing and vexing mixture
of getting and giving,
of dutiful doing and daring,
of adventurous exploring,
of stumbling and falling,
of making mistakes,
of rising again,
of chances given to right wrongs,
of being taught and of teaching,
of endlessly, continuously
life’s lessons learning.
Life is precious,
but it is not all rosy.
Therefore, hold it in your hands
very carefully,
because it also contains
some thorns!

Tree of life

Life has its ups and downs,
providing us with ample opportunities
for hopes, dreams, and yearnings,
for achieving and accolades earning,
for plotting and planning,
for principled practicing,
for expectations and uncertainties,
for gladness and sadness,
for joys and sorrows
for various selections
of smiles and frowns…

Life is not a form of entertainment
for an assortment of circus clowns.
Life demands personal participation.
Life demands social interaction.
Life is for all of us to do
all the deeds which must be done,
to do them well,
with total dedication,
and in wondrous ways,
so that in due course
we can leave a legacy of love,
so that our own life’s story
contains facts, not fiction,
well-written, well-crafted,
all truthful tales for others
very fondly to tell!
Life is to be lived
purposefully, passionately, peacefully,
so that all of life, loving, and living after us
is safe and secure to continue
for all eternity to come,
to go on… and on…and on…

Gerhard A. Fürst

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