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Pax et Bonum!

Peace & Good.
Yes, indeed, that is exactly
what we all desire and so desperately need:
Pax et Benignitas!
Peace and Goodness!
Let us add more of what real and lasting peace
would willingly and permanently provide:
Pax et Lux, Peace and Light,
to defeat the sinister forces of evil,
of devastation, destruction, and darkness…
Pax et Caritas… More possibilities
for Peace with Kindness and Caring…
More peaceful moments with others…
Pax et Vita longa,
Peace for Life and long Living,
for peaceful giving and sharing…
Pax et Amor, Peace and Love,
symbolized so perfectly
by the peaceful dove…
truly to be trusted.
Pax et Justitia, Peace and Justice,
Pax et Libertas. Peace and Freedom.
Love of Liberty.
Rightful, reasonable, rational.
reassuring, and respectful!
Pax Humanitati! Peace for Humanity!
Pax vobiscum!… Peace unto you!
“per omnia saecula saeculorum!”
Pax aeterna! Eternal peace!
Gerhard A. Fürst
Edited 3/17/2017
Source of Illustration:
Latin phrases taken from various Internet sites.
My gratitude is hereby also expressed to
Dr. Dr. h.c. Karl Corino, linguistic expert,
renowned German author & literary critic,
for having offered some needed corrections
in the Latin wording.
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  1. März 20, 2017 um 12:53 am

    Ich bedanke mich vielmals herzlich!!
    Hoffentlich wird mein Text auch von vielen gelesen….
    Man kann ihn auch weitgehend mit anderen teilen…
    denn die Menschheit muss sich wirklich
    besonders bemuehen und beeilen!
    Man darf nicht bei der gegenwaertigen Politik
    und dem resultierenden Chaos und Unfrieden verweilen.
    Hoffentlich macht man sich dabei auch
    positive und konstruktive Gedanken,
    ohne zu verzagen, ohne zu zoegern,
    ohne unentschlossenes Hin- und Herwanken
    Sonst waere ja alles ganz umsonst gewesen!
    Gerhard A. Fuerst 19.3.2017

  2. März 20, 2017 um 4:53 pm

    A Pearl2Share
    a meaningful message sent 3/20/2017
    by my friend Shaileen Shah
    from Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa
    and my response… in kind.

    Lao Tzu has said:

    “Men are born soft and supple;
    dead they are stiff and hard.
    Plants are born tender and pliant;
    dead, they are brittle and dry.
    Thus, whoever is stiff and inflexible
    is a disciple of death.
    Whoever is soft and yielding,
    is a disciple of life.
    The hard and stiff will be broken.
    The soft and supple will prevail.”

    Yes, indeed,
    let us hear it for those
    who are likely to prevail…
    Let us speak up against all
    who are destined to fail,
    because they are totally unkind,
    boastfully bitter, opulently pretentious,
    and utterly uncaring.
    Let us support those who are purposeful,
    positive, and dutifully daring!
    Let us labor with love,
    let us all rise above the temptations
    to be opportunistically, tempestuously, fanatically,
    selectively selfish and fiercely self-seeking,
    self-aggrandizing and purposefully profiteering
    at the expense of all others.
    Let us contest and combat
    both graft and greed.
    Let us labor with love
    to secure and obtain,
    to safeguard with diligence,
    to protect and defend,
    to share with great care
    what we all really need!
    Let us labor with love
    for a humane humanity,
    for life and for living.
    Let us labor with love for

    Gerhard A. Fürst

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