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May you continue to sail safely

May you continue to sail safely
in the days and weeks ahead,
also in the months of the coming year,
no matter how roughs the waters and waves
on the stormy seas of life might appear…

especially at this time
of annually shared sacred seasons
of holidays, of sacred festivals
of thoughtful fasting,
or fun-filled feasting…

Let it once again be a time of celebration
for very obvious, very significant and very good reasons…

Let it indeed be the time
of very holy days… in most holy ways,
each according to our own unique traditions,
no matter where in the world
at this very moment we might be…

for a time of real joy,
a time of gathering
with family and friends,
a time of kindness, of sharing and caring,
a time of greeting and meeting,
a time of gladness, of joyful noises,
a time of singing seasonal songs with happy voices,
a time of grateful receiving, getting, and unselfish giving,
a time of profound gratitude
a time of reflecting, rethinking, reevaluating,
renewing, redoing, redirecting,
a time of rejoicing about life and living,
a time of welcoming
those who are lost or compelled to be fleeing
from lands of hostility and hatred,
a time of community in communal harmony,
a time of shaking hands, of hugging and embracing,
a time of neighborliness and friendliness,
a time of socializing and interacting
a time of mutual respect to be truly amazing,
a time for a new beginning…


Therefore, in this sense
I wish you all
as is most fitting, as is most correct
and most appropriate,
a most sincere and very heart-felt

 Merry Christmas!

 Happy Hanukah!

Fun-filled Eid al-Fitr,  thoughtful Eid al-Adha,

or contemplative Ashura 

Joyful Diwali!

Festive Kwanza!

Fine Bhodhi Day!

A very special Omisoka!

Happy Shabe-Yalda…


Greetings in Peace!
Gerhard A. Fuerst

Please help me add to

and complete the above list…
as needed!

Holidays in late December

Poetic post script:

We do not exist in isolation.

We are not islands,

all in separate existence

 in a vast ocean.

We are all part of a very complex

and vast human continent.

Let us share this connection,

as common terra firma

in the determination

that nothing, no force on earth,

natural or unnatural,

shall divide us,

shall shake, fracture, shatter

and destroy what we all

have in common:

our humanity.

Let it not only be human,

but principled, purposeful, peaceful

and humane!

Gerhard A. Fuerst


Illustrations from sources posted on the Internet

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  1. Sandra
    Dezember 23, 2015 um 2:01 pm

    Die Freude und das Glück

    Ich freue mich, wenn mir jemand seine Zeit schenkt. Dies ist für mich ein gültiger Ausdruck von Wertschätzung.
    Ich habe mein Leben unzähligen bemerkenswerten Umständen zu verdanken.

    Zwischen Vereinbarungen, Verträgen, Leihgaben, Abtretungen, Geschenken… bestehen große Unterschiede!

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