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Rise of The Red Ink

poem gerhard fürst

…a poem written way back in 1978, and part of an anthology published that same year,
for which my students and I at Oakwood Junior H.S., where I had taught from 1974-1983,
received the George Washington Honor Medal as first prize issued by
The Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, P.A. My subjects at the time were American History,
American Government, Geography, Anthropology, and German.

Text with illustration is in the attachment.
Reading it again today after many years,
caused me to write the following, up to now untitled:

Rise of The Red Ink
due to
rottin‘, stinkin,‘ sinkin‘ policies
and plain stupid politics!

A Ballad for the downtrodden,
the battered and beaten… .
A loud lament for the forlorn,
the entrapped, the misled,
the suffering, the miserable
the trampled upon…
and an accusation against
the miserly morons
who had deliberately done
the damned cheatin‘!

With devious, deliberate methods
neither subtle, sophisticated,
supreme, or sublime,
we are being perpetually bombarded
by advertisement and lured
to come slip and slide
on the slick, slippery slopes,
of bait-and-switch commercialism
covered with a debilitating,
even financially deadly
indebtedness slime.
Instead of being encouraged
to be cautious, frugal,
fiscally responsible,
to act with great care,
and to save very conscientiously
for days of real need,
want, and real shortages,
and then to be rewarded
with favorable tax cut benefits,
for such a worthy deed,
for the common person,
the average American,
we’re being told that happy
will only be whoever will go out
to do what they say
then and there,
spending freely
right now, immediately,
instantaneously, spontaneously,
enthusiastically, with fascination,
with credit card flash & flair,
or with cash in hand
dash & dare…
The seem to imply
that there is no implicit threat,
in the invariably rapidly mounting debt,
the result of compulsive decisions,
later to be regretted,
justifiably worried about
and thought of
with considerable anger
and derision.

It’s buy, buy, buy, and
spend, spend, and spend.
Don’t hesitate or hold back.
This joyride, these opportunities
will most assuredly never end!
So, consume, consume,
conspicuously, lavishly,
there never will be regrets,
there never will be any gloom,
there never will be an impending doom!!
Don’t think or reflect,
not even for a moment.
There’s no need to save.
It’s instant gratification:
Get it now, get it new,
get it while it’s hot…
Get it because it is „the latest rage,“
with “ state of the art“ technology..
and by even random comparison
certainly „the best“…
„the most beautiful,“
even when later proven
that it actually was not…
and that it was not even
made or manufactured here…
„Ooops! Poops!
Oh, fiddle-faddle!
Oh fudge! Oh dear!”

It’s all the result and fault
of this globalization,
the result of supposedly
„fair and open“ world trade,
the fact that they had
down-sized, out-sourced, off-shored
American jobs…and that it was
a massive and monstrous mistake,
they have now reconsidered,
most regrettfully,
and as usual…much too late!
Idiots…one and all…
with lots of gluttony and gall!
Politicians, with their usual disdain
for careful consideration,
just mouthing the rhetoric
of ideological convenience,
hanging their coats
to the prevailing populist wind,
acting without thought,
do things in the usual way,
in brain-dead tradition,
driven by compulsive
and opportunistic greed,
instead of doing their sworn duties
for real and true representative service
and attending to the public’s
actual, urgent, and accumulating needs.
When you try to complain…
they tell you evasively,
well that’s the way it is,
be happy with what you got…
possibly it was an item,
from some imported stuff…
from an outdated lot!?
They tell us that
that there’s no warranty
and no guarantee,
unless you are willing to pay
the necessary amount up front…
at the time of purchase…
or the set fee…
So they taunt and tease us,
not to be careful…or to save,
but to spend it all
on whatever you want,
or on anything you crave:
„In order to help the economy!“…
which their politics and policies
had actually ruined and smashed…
and all hopes and chances
for change…and timely improvements…
due to „partisan differences“
had totally ruined, destroyed,
dismantled, and dashed.
They tell us to spend and spend,
to buy on credit,
to borrow the money,
there’s no upper limit,
no lower end!?
That is the reason why
this country’s economy
is in an ever deepening hole,
and that much worse is in store…
Nevertheless, we’re being told,
not to listen to good advice,
not to read the fine print,
not to look out for ourselves…
but just to continue to do
as we had been doing before…
to go out and spend, spend, spend…
on cash, on credit, on borrowed funds…
and if needed, to go the a bank
in order to borrow even more…
The system is addicted to
„In God Mammon we trust!“
That is why we are broke,
and the system has gone bust.
Nevertheless, don’t save, they say…
just spend, they suggest…even implore…
in ways which make no sense,
and which you cannot
justify or defend!
The damage has been done.
We don’t need to go out
and do even more!
This most certainly
will come to no good.
Rather than being prudent
and saving what we should.
Rather than rewarding
the careful planner and saver,
the government merely encourages
the buyer, the spender,
the lunatic and lustful craver.
Are we mere lemmings,
being herded toward the cliffs,
and being coerced into the chasm,
into the depth of the abyss to jump?
Are they preparing
a soft landing for us,
way down in the dismal dump!?
We are being treated
not like people, like human beings,
like persons of intelligence.
They like to treat us
like trained seals,
to clap, to sit up and beg,
and to jump high through hoops,
as we’re ordered and told,
only to realize too late, that merely
down the river of no return
we’re being sold.
Just go out to buy…
spend, spend, spend…
It all makes no sense.
What for such insanity
and self-destructive stupidity
is a reasonable defense?
There simply is none.
Yet we go on doing
what had always been done.
We ought to be frugal,
we ought to be encouraged
and rewarded to save!
Instead we are merely wallowing
and mucking around in
the mud and the morass…
This is madness!
The quagmire, the quicksand
are sucking us down…
toward our system’s
untimely demise
and most tragic end!?

Gerhard A. Fürst

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