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USA Independence Day 4th July: Soaring and Sailing – An Ode to Freedom!

Soaring and Sailing.
An Ode to Freedom!

Are we free, really free,
when finally we can soar and sail
in our mind, in our imagination,
by the means and assumed
mastery and might
of our very own virtual wings,
unhindered, unfettered, unbound,
unimpeded, uninhibited without fail,
to incredibly heights
of our own choice,
as we had done repeatedly
in countless dreams,
while still forcibly being held back,
spiritually shackled, chained,
coerced and confined in virtual cages
under conditions of duress,
literally and factually fastened,
held in bondage,
staked to the ground.
who taught us how to fly.
How did we learn,
if up to now we had been prevented
to think and speak of it,
let alone to experiment, to visualize it,
and then actually to try.
Was it the mere instinctive desire
for relief and release?
How could we… with our wings clipped?
How could we… with our wings crippled?
How could we… with our wings made useless,
because flying had deliberately been denied,
for fear that we might just
escape imprisonment,
flying away and fleeing,
crossing forbidden frontiers?
Severe penalties were once being imposed
on anyone who dared and tried
to have these limitations ignored and defied.
Soaring and sailing
in freedom
is in fact a vital part
of our actual being, our spirited nature,
it is a guiding light and driving force,
directing and focusing our motivation,
our existence, our survival, our future,
our life and living.
The sky is the limit?
No, we venture beyond.
Our ideas and ideals
seek celestial heights,
wanting to sail aloft,
to soar and explore,
trying to discern and discover
what no one had felt, sensed, seen,
experienced, done, or accomplished before.
That is our calling.
That is our challenge,
to test the limits
without denying or defying God.
Freedom and independence
are the means and methods
to make it possible,
so we can reach our lofty goals,
while being respectful
and acting responsibly.
It is indeed a loss of liberty,
a loss of freedom,
when all attempts of free movement
are being controlled, curtailed,
prevented, and denied?
let us soar and sail.!
Let freedom not fail!
Let us experience both
the joys and the limits
of spiritual free flight.
Let the evils, the threats,
the deadly dangers of
tyranny and oppression,
from without and within,
be forever condemned
and defied!
However, let us also remember and be grateful
for all who had made this possible,
for all who had served and sacrificed,
for all who had paid the ultimate price,
for all who had fought for freedom,
for all who, for love of country,
so that we might live,
had died.

Gerhard A. Fürst
My Thoughts on Independence Day,
July 4, 2015

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  1. Ernst Duberr
    Juli 5, 2015 um 3:17 pm

    As soon as there is more than one human being on this planet , one can not be free any more , especially whenn they are living very close together .They may get more they gain distance from oneanather .You are free whenn you are alone .

    • Juli 5, 2015 um 6:14 pm

      Hm, you are even dependent from so much things like the sun, water, something to eat …

  2. Juli 5, 2015 um 6:13 pm

    Why should it be important to know from whom the USA had declared independency from? PUH:

  1. Juli 5, 2015 um 2:11 pm

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