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Nobel Peace Prize: Most fitting and most deserving!

Most fitting and most deserving!
I salute all who are of noble spirit,
noble mind, noble heart, noble intentions,
who utter noble words,
both spoken and written,
who are unselfish…inclusive…
reaching out to others…
known for noble convictions…
known for noble deeds…
2014 Nobel Peace Prize
indeed has been awarded to two personalities
who fearlessly and bravely stand
for worthy causes and actions…
not on their own behalf…
but for those who are deprived…
for those who are denied, those who are destitute,
who are suppressed, and intimidated.
We all need to feel enriched,
encouraged, uplifted,
and ennobled
by their example…
especially at a time when the world
once again is facing grave dangers and grievous problems
by those who know no nobility of any kind…
by those who have no honor, no dignity, or any sense of shame…
by those who have no worth or value…
by those who sow the seeds of hatred and acrimony…
by those who shed blood… who murder and massacre in madness…
and by those who appear to be corrupted and incapacitated
by their own lack of concern… their lack of ability or involvement…
who stand idly by, who stand aside
and allow even more deeds of absolute horror and holocausts
to be committed without letup…
afraid to stand up to those who spread terror…who vilify…
who spread murder and mayhem…
My fear is, however, that those who were selected for the
2014 Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize

will for the most part be overlooked and ignored
and their noble deeds will have been for naught.
They will be merely names recorded in history…
and the deeds of those others
who plunder, who pillage…
who rape, rampage, and murder with madness…
will go relatively unchecked and unchallenged…
Even a
Poet of Peace,
comes to the conclusion,
however regretfully and reluctantly,
that there are times of great need…
where it becomes necessary
to beat pruning hooks and plow shares
into swords and spears
to confront those
who are of ill will…
who know and plan only evil…
doing evil deeds…
They must be stopped
at all cost!
Evil with thrive, will spread,
will rampage like an all-consuming malignant cancer,
will prosper and profit…
will engulf and devour and destroy
all who are in its way….
when good people do nothing.

Otherwise, even the
2014 Nobel Peace Prize
is merely a pointless award…
an empty gesture…
and all the public praise,
poetic or otherwise,
will be nothing more
than pointless palaver
without real and lasting benefit
for humanity!

Gerhard A. Fürst

  1. Gerd Zimmermann
    Oktober 12, 2014 um 2:25 pm

    Sei Wasser mein Freund……
    Bruce Lee

    Von Boe Bu sofort erkannt, gehe baden.

    Guido erzaehlt uns

  2. Gerd Zimmermann
    Oktober 12, 2014 um 2:41 pm

    Mehr ueber Wasser, als der Mann ohne Handtuch.

    Wasser und Bewusstsein gehen Hand in Hand.
    somit ist Wasser manifestiertes Bewusstsein
    ohne Form. Fuelle Wasser in einen Krug, Wasser
    nimmt die Form des Kruges an, fuelle wasser in ein

    Danke Guido, Gerd.

    Gerd kommt ?!
    Gerd hat keine Zeit, Gerd hat seine Uhr verloren.
    Er muss auch noch die Herz aus Gold betanken,
    mit dem Erbe der Sonne, haette man das Zeug mal
    besser in der Buechse gelassen.
    Wo ist Marvin ? Steht der schon wieder 560 Mio
    Jahre im Parkhaus, armer Kerl.

    Gruss Gerd

  1. Oktober 12, 2014 um 11:17 am

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